He's posing after this dunk, but Blake Griffin posed a different way for ESPN's The Body Issue.

Blake Griffin bared all - almost - for the ESPN The Body Issue, which hits newsstands Monday. Looks like he's making use of his time of with the NBA lockout still in effect.

In the photo shoot, he wore nothing but a white thong that is not particularly visible in the photos. He told The Associated Press that at first, he felt uncomfortable but eventually he didn't really care.

They were bringing the robe over after every take and after a while, I was like, 'Whatever, it's OK.' I guess I'm more comfortable now with less clothes.

Others to pose for the issue include U.S. women's national soccer team goalkeeper Hope Solo, New York Mets shortstop Jose Reyes and Olympic snowboarded Gretchen Bleiler.

Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard had posed for The Body Issue in 2009, something Griffin said was a factor in him posing this year.

I've already gotten a lot of good feedback, Griffin said. Most athletes don't really pose like that. I thought it was cool. It's always tastefully done.

Griffin also took time to discuss the NBA labor situation with The AP. He said he agrees with the NBA players association, led by executive director Billy Hunter, and its decision to wait it out for a better deal. NBA commissioner David Stern has said the first two weeks of the regular season are on the line if the sides cannot work out a deal by Monday.

We have to wait for a better deal, Griffin told The AP. ... That first proposal that the owners sent was so far out in left field, now it makes it seem like they're compromising and they're trying to do all these things when really we just want what we had.

The NBA had its best year last year in however many years, and I don't see a reason to cut all the progress that we made.

Griffin said he has tried most to work on his shooting during the lockout. Of course, he is known more for his high-flying dunks than his shooting prowess - or posing prowess, for that matter.