ESPN reporter Heather Cox attempted to interview Stanford Head Coach David Shaw following the Cardinal’s Rose Bowl victory over Wisconsin when school officials whisked Shaw away for the trophy ceremony.

“Are you kidding?” Cox asked as the rushed interview quickly ended.

The incident has gone viral on Twitter and YouTube, where Rose Bowl watchers uploaded clips of the awkward exchange.

The ESPN reporter was able to get one question in, asking Shaw where Stanford is as a football program after recording its first Rose Bowl victory since 1971.

“To be honest, we’re still on the ascent,” Shaw, an up-and-coming coach whom some football observers believe will take over an NFL team someday, responded. “We can still play so much better and that’s our charge now – to take this victory, celebrate it, but get ready to buck up and play better next year.”

Cox then tried to pose her second question, but only got in that Shaw says he’s even-keeled.

“Guys, I’m being told that the coach needs to go to the trophy presentation,” the ESPN reporter said to her colleagues, commentators Brent Musberger and Kirk Herbstreit.

“That’s a little bit unfortunate,” Musberger said of the interview being cut short.

Cox can then be heard saying, “Are you kidding me?” It’s unclear who she was directing the question to.

The brief and awkward interview caught the attention of sports enthusiasts on Twitter.

ESPN reporter Jemele Hill said she wouldn’t have had the same restraint showed by Cox if she were the one interviewing Shaw.

“Keeping it real ... if that was me, instead of Heather Cox, I would have dropped a curse word instead,” Hill tweeted.

“S/O [shout out] 2 Heather Cox for being pro in that situation. It wasnt Shaw, it was the guy pulling him. Interviews after games are protocol,” said Jarrett Payton, son of the late NFL Hall of Fame running back, Walter Payton.

“Oh man. That Rose Bowl coach's postgame intv w/ Heather Cox was brutal. I love that the truck left her open for ‘are you kidding?’ at end,” opined Twitter user Andrew Perloff.

“Heather Cox got absolutely embarrassed last night. ‘Are you kidding me!’-- Her statement after Stanford Coach walked away during interview,” wrote Tyler Jameson.

Other Twitter users who weren’t fans of Cox’s work slammed the ESPN reporter.

“Funny, I usually say ‘Are you kidding me?’ after I hear Heather Cox's useless questions. #rosebowl,” wrote Tom Ziemer.

“That's not the interview Heather Cox needed, but it was the interview she deserved,” said Luke Zimmerman.