A birthday party went array after actress Estella Warren and Jamie Pressly had an alleged altercation at Bootsy Bellows night club in Hollywood Friday.

Us Weekly reported Sunday that Warren, best known for her role in “Planet of the Apes,” was accused by Pressly of stealing her assistant's iPhone and purse. The 35-year-old “My Name Is Earl” star stepped in to assist her employer using a phone locating app only to trace the phone’s location to Warren and other party guests.

“Estella was adamant it was hers, but when Pressly told her to unlock it, she couldn’t. So she took it, along with the handbag, peered inside and claimed a number of items in there belonged to her assistant,” an eyewitness told Radar Online.

A source told Us Weekly that Pressly wasn’t forceful in trying to retrieve the merchandise but that the altercation took a turn for the worse after drugs were uncovered in the assistant’s bag and the authorities were alerted. The source called the incident a “crazy mess.”

“Jaime and her assistant were volunteering for a drug test. They said the drugs weren’t theirs,” said the source.

Warren sent out a cryptic tweet on the day following the incident.

The investigation is still ongoing.

Warren and Pressly are not the only two celebrity females batteling it out in Hollywood. Here are six other epic celebrity cat fights:


Shanna Moakler Shanna Moakler posing with her then husband, drummer Travis Barker. Photo: Reuters Paris Hilton Paris Hilton fought with fellow reality star Shanna Moakler in 2006. Photo: Reuters

Back when Paris was still living the “Simple Life” and Shanna Moakler was ruling MTV on her reality show “Meet the Barkers,” the duo had an altercation following a night of partying in Hollywood. The hotel heiress claimed the former beauty queen hit her in the jaw, while Moakler said Hilton’s then boyfriend, Stavros Niarchos, pushed her down a flight of stairs.

Sources told TMZ the feud began after Moakler spotted messages from Hilton on her husband Travis Barker’s cellphone.


Kim Cattrall Kim Cattrall at the premiere of "Sex and the City 2". Photo: Reuters [[nid:108480]]

Kim Cattrall’s “Sex and the City” may have played the maid-of-honor at Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding, but the pair could not have been less fond of each other off camera.

“There are times when all of us have been sensitive and sometimes feelings get hurt but I don’t have any regrets about how I’ve treated people,” Parker told The Daily Mail in 2010.

Cattrall commented on the situation, called working on the show and two subsquent films' 19-hour set days “stressful."



“Dance Moms” wouldn’t be the same without the mom drama, but what about drama between butting dance teachers -- Abby Lee Miller of the Abby Lee Dance Academy and her nemesis, Cathy Stein of Candy Apple’s Dance Center, have had more than their fair share of feuds during the show’s three seasons.

Stein started as a customer to Miller before poaching one her dancers who was brought on to replace Stein's daughter Vivi-Anne.

"They just butt heads,” said “Dance Moms” star Melissa Ziegler. “She’s just kind of a nut job.”

Below is a fight with Stein and Miller that took place at a Philadelphia airport in December while filming a recent episode of the Lifetime show.


[[nid:1154905]] Beyonce Knowles Beyonce Knowles at Oscar Awards 2007 Photo: Reuters

Kim Kardashian may be dating rapper Kanye West, but apparently that wasn’t enough to impress Beyonce Knowles after she allegedly dodged the reality star at a Jay-Z concert in 2012.

“They were on opposite sides of the stage. Beyonce didn’t even acknowledge [Kardashian] was there until the concert was almost over … Kim and Beyonce barely spoke to each other,” a source told the N.Y. Daily News, who said when the pair did interact, Kardashian was visibly uncomfortable.


[[nid:111466]] Faye Dunaway Actress Faye Dunaway of "Bonnie and Clyde" fame. Photo: Reuters

When actress Faye Dunaway heard that “Lizzie McGuire” star Hilary Duff would be reprising the 72-year-old’s lead role in a 2009 Bonnie and Clyde remake, she let her feelings be known.

“Couldn’t they at least cast a real actress?” said Dunaway, to which Duff replied, “I might be mad if I looked like that now, too.”

Duff later asked the actress to give her a chance but was ultimately allegedly dropped from the role after revealing her pregnancy.

“She started acting way after than I did so I think I have time to grow -- and grow with each project. I am learning and working hard at my craft,” said Duff.


Denise Richards Denise Richards was accused of dating her friends husband Richie Sambora. Photo: Reuters Locklear Heather Locklear offers surprisingly odd, unconventional anti-aging advice. Photo: Reuters

After announcing her split from husband Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards sought the company of a nearby man, her best friend Heather Locker’s husband Richie Sambora.

“Unfortunately our friendship has to dissolve and I’m sad about that. The last thing I would want to do is create a media frenzy like this, especially as I’m trying to get through a divorce,” said Richards.

Richards has denied dating Samboira, telling People in 2006 that she wished her friend well during her impending divorce, the pair did date officially on and off for years following the scandal.