Thursday, a preliminary report by Statistics Estonia said the country's foreign trade deficit stood at EEK1.1 billion in February, representing the lowest deficit since May 2001. In January, the trade deficit was EEK1.57 billion.

Total exports at current prices declined by EEK2.8 billion or 26% annually to EEK7.9 billion. At the same time, imports declined by EEK4.7 billion or about 33% to EEK9 billion.

In February, the country recorded a trade deficit of EEK3.4 billion with the EU countries. Exports declined by EEK2.3 billion or nearly 33% on an annual basis, while imports declined by EEK4.1 billion or 37%.

Meanwhile, Estonia showed a trade surplus of EEK0.5 billion with the non-EU countries. Exports fell 15% year-on-year, and imports dropped 23%.

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