Ethos Environmental Inc. manufactures and distributes award-winning fuel reformulating products. By using the company’s products, commercial vehicles can increase fuel economies and help relieve rising fuel prices. Users of the products can also reduce harmful emissions which helps them meet environmental regulations.

Ethos Environmental recently announced that the company’s research division, Ethos Scientific LLC, has received confirmation of continued improvements in fuel economy from the latest over-the-road interim test results reported at the 25,000 mile mark from the start of the test on the test vehicle.

The test results were obtained from the combined use of the company’s EthosFR+, a liquid fuel catalyst, in the test vehicle’s fuel and EthosFR oil treatment in the test vehicle’s engine oil. The ongoing testing is being conducted by the California Environmental Engineering Laboratory using a protocol similar to that prescribed for the Society of Automotive Engineers.

The latest test data reveals a substantial fuel economy improvement of up to 15% with opacity emissions now being reduced to virtually zero. Ongoing fuel economy and opacity emissions testing on the vehicle will include particulate matter density results in the next phase of testing.

Ethos Environmental’s CEO, Corey P. Ssclossmann, said the following about the positive test results, “We are delighted to be able to substantively document and report that continued use of EthosFR+ and EthosFR results in increased improvements in fuel economy and further reductions in tailpipe emissions. These newest test results confirm the steady stream of user/anecdotal results the company continues to receive from its growing customer base.”