Many different aspects of a market need to be in place for a new product to succeed. Sometimes these different aspects are recognizable, while in other instances they are not. Being in the right place and time often makes all the difference. An investor that happens on a company and product that is in the right place and time is an investor that will surely profit.

Ethos Environmental Inc., an ester based lubricant manufacturer and marketer, works to manufacture and market ester based additives for automobile, ship, rail engine and other combustion engine fuels. The company is environmentally based and directed toward making engines more efficient in their operation. Customers that use the company’s products report fuel mileage increases of between 7 and 19% and emissions reductions of approximately 30%.

Although lubricants have been used in vehicles since their inception, their composition has changed little until relatively recent times. The ability to manage molecular weight changed this to a very large degree and made custom lubricants possible. As the molecular weight of a lubricant is modified, it becomes more adaptable to specific circumstances, making it more efficient than a standard lubricant product. Ethos Environmental has found a specific formulation that works well as a gasoline additive.

Essentially, the company’s products are esters. An ester is the reaction process of alcohols and acids. Past the science of the product, it is simplest to say that the company’s product lines clean and lubricate all parts of an engine to make the engine work more efficiently then if let to run with just the standard form of fuel.

As one might suspect, higher fuel mileage is an attractive lure, not only for the average driver but for fleet operators as well. The company has been careful to make sure that it has its market research complete so that as it rolls out its product line, it can point to hard numbers as a selling point. In this regard, it has been working with specific communities around the country and found that response is extremely positive and receptive. Ethos Environmental appears to be in the right place, at the right time and with the right product to become very profitable.