Ethos Environmental, Inc. announced today that it has improved its flagship fuel catalyst by adding an additional ingredient. The new product has been branded under the label EthosFR+.

CEO Corey P. Schlossmann commented, “The new EthosFR+ formula will continue to have its existing compounds, however we have added a new ingredient that we believe dramatically bolsters the product’s performance in gas and diesel engines.”

The efficacies of this new blend are currently being tested at the California Environmental Engineering (CEE) Laboratory - Center for Environmental Research in Santa Ana, California. This laboratory is Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognized and California Air Resources Board (CARB) certified.

The tests will be conducted on a Cummins QSM-11 400 HP heavy duty diesel engine on a heavy duty engine dynamometer in compliance with Federal Regulations. Testing will include establishing a baseline for average tailpipe emissions, horse power and fuel economy. EthosFR+ will then be added to the engines so the results can be compared to the baseline.

“This particular CEE test runs the engine at constant speeds and grades using controlled lab fuel which is extremely clean. These are the among the most challenging test conditions for EthosFR+. Our formula needs to show dramatic improvement to truly prove the efficacies of the new and improved EthosFR+,” Schlossmann stated.

Schlossmann added, “Acquiring positive results from an EPA recognized and CARB certified lab, like CEE, will verify with a high level of confidence the validity of the new EthosFR+ blend and its high probability for continual improvement with constant use.”