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The eToro platform is continuing to lead the pack as far as forex trading platforms are concerned, now adding commodity trading to their wide selection of trading instruments and tools. eToro, which had started out targeting the beginner trader market segment, has recently made leaps and bounds to capture a more advanced crowd of traders with great success. Professional traders have responded very well to eToro's combination of user friendly interfaces and innovative advanced trading features, making the platform more popular than ever. Now the popular trading software takes yet another step towards supplying its users with more flexible trading options, with the addition of Gold and Silver commodity trading.

Gold and Silver have long been staples in the financial markets, providing investors with much sought after stability in times of crisis. With the global financial meltdown still far from over, investors and forex traders alike are once again turning to gold and silver trading to inject their portfolio with diversity and stability. At eToro the commodities are traded in the same easy to use interface as the available currency pairs, and are bought and sold against the USD. The user can easily follow the flow of the step by step trade set up process so they can spend their time on deciding what positions to open rather than figuring out how the platform works. Commodity trading is also available in eToro's one click trading mode, in which traders can open and close trades with literally one click of the button.

Commodity trading, however, is not the only new addition to the eToro package. The eToro WebTrader has also recently made its first appearance on the eToro website, to enable traders to use eToro's trading features without having necessarily to download the software. The WebTrader is especially useful for traders on the go, or traders who utilize different computers to carry out their trading activity. All you need to do now is go to the eToro website (www.etoro.com) and use the online flash software to monitor or modify your positions. The WebTrader can also be used to receive live market updates and news as well as take a look at the forex calendar or keep track of eToro's accurate chart indicators.

At eToro, we know that in a highly competitive industry such as the forex trading industry, one can never sit back and enjoy success, said eToro CEO Mr. Jonathan Assia. You simply must keep moving or you will be overtaken in a second. The boom that the forex market has received due to the financial crisis is all the more incentive to keep adding features and keep accommodating new types of forex traders. In the end, we strive to be the first platform to come to the mind of all existing forex traders, and people thinking of joining the forex market. Therefore, we must keep adding, innovating and perfecting our software and our service.

The eToro platform today already seems like a solid offering from all sides. Its visual trade representation features are yet to be matched by any other software in ingenuity as well as educational value. This, together with many free educational tools such as guides, tutorials, forums and a practice mode, makes eToro very appealing to the novice trader. Having said that, eToro also offers one of the tightest spread ranges online (as low as 2 pips!), a wide variety of leverage, and highly accurate advanced charts and indicators. With a new WebTrader and commodity trading now under their belt as well, it seems that eToro is bound to stay in the lead of the online forex platform market for a long time to come. Go to www.etoro.com for more details and a free eToro account.