The European Union foreign ministers rallied behind the Czech Republic, which holds the bloc's current presidency, in the wake of the resignation of its center-right minority government Tuesday.

The ministers voiced their support for the Czech presidency during informal talks in the southern Czech city of Hluboka Castle on Friday.

Italian foreign minister Franco Frattini called for strong support for the Czech presidency, as It would be a disaster if Europe was left without an authoritative and agreed line.

Germany's Frank-Walter Steinmeier said Friday's informal talks are an opportunity to reassure the presidency that despite the vote of no-confidence, we will continue to work together.

According to the top diplomat in Denmark, Per Stig Moller, latest developments in Prague is 'serious.' It is difficult if you are supposed to talk on behalf of the whole EU, and cannot even talk on behalf of your own country, he added.

Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek's minority coalition government lost a no-confidence resolution Tuesday, which is a set back to the Czech republic's' six-month EU presidency, expiring in June.

The Lisbon Treaty, aiming for EU reforms, currently awaits a vote in the Czech parliament's upper house, as well as a new referendum in Ireland.

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