The European Union's statistics office Eurostat will release quarterly debt figures by country from Monday as the 27-nation bloc steps up its economic monitoring two years into a sovereign debt saga that is sapping the vigour out of its economy.

Eurostat will release details of EU and euro zone government debt levels in both billions of euros and as a percent of economic output, including a breakdown by currency and deposits, loans and securities other than shares, Eurostat said.

The agency will release data for the third quarter of 2011 on Monday at 1000 GMT, followed by the fourth quarter figures on April 25.

The 17 nations sharing the euro are saddled with massive debts after a splurge in borrowing that followed the introduction of the euro in 1999. Their indebtedness and divisions over how to deal with the resulting crisis have destroyed investor confidence in the region that produces 16 percent of the world's economic output, driving up borrowing costs.

(Reporting By Robin Emmott; editing by Rex Merrifield)