EUR trading on Thursday was highlighted by the EUR/USD climbing back above the 1.4100 level. In a week that was showing bearish movement on the oft-traded pair, the Euro rallied to make up ground on last weeks closing, as it trumped both the greenback and the Yen. Yesterday's push came shortly after the release of US economic data. Positive change in US Retails Sales and Unemployment Claims did not impress enough to drop the EUR for the USD, as the pair went bullish, as traders bought back into higher-yielding assets.

Early Thursday morning, saw the release of the European Central Bank's (ECB) Monthly Bulletin, which reveals data gathered by the ECB Governing Board on the state of the Euro-Zone economy. The report helped get the ball rolling on a bullish EUR trading day.

Traders can look toward Industrial Production at 9:00 GMT and a speech by ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet at 11:30 & 15:30 GMT for some indication to how the rest of the day will go for the EUR. Traders should also follow news from the opening of the G20 Meeting in Berlin, Germany throughout the day for any clues on policy that could add volatility to the forex market.