The EUR has maintained its momentum Wednesday after breaking through its tight summer ranges on Tuesday, particularly the $1.4450 price level. The EUR continued to trade above $1.45 pushing briefly above $1.46; its highest level in more than nine months.

Late Wednesday, the EUR was at $1.4553 from $1.4499 late Tuesday. The EUR was at 134.02 Yen from 133.73 Yen. The U.K. Pound was at $1.6532 from $1.6499.

The EUR is benefiting from a belief that the Euro-Zone economy is improving at a higher pace than the U.S economy which lends support to the common currency. Furthermore, the EUR appears to be a popular choice as an alternative, higher yielding currency than the USD.

The U.K's MPC rate statement and Official Bank Rate is expected at 11:00 GMT. While the rate is not expected to change, the statement is highly important and is likely to have great affect on the GBP. Last month's surprise decision to increase the quantitative easing program set the GBP plummeting against its major currency counterparts. A similar announcement today could do the same.