On Monday, EUR trading was driven by German Factory Orders rising for the 5th consecutive month in July by a higher than forecast 3.5%. This was much needed confidence for Europe's largest economy. Major benchmark indexes rose in all the western European markets. The German DAX climbed by 1.5%, and the British FTSE 100 added 1.7%. Despite the positive figures from Germany, Europe's biggest economy is still a long way away from returning to desirable levels. It can be said that the recent G20 Meetings helped return confidence to the European currency.

The EUR snatched a 3rd consecutive day of gains against the British currency, as the pair rose by 30 pips to close at the 0.8777 level. This was largely due to German industrial data helping the EUR, which was much needed boost for the European currency. The EUR/USD cross finished trading unchanged at the 1.4232 level. This was owed to the U.S. Labor Day bank holiday. The GBP/USD pair rose in earlier trading yesterday, but ended up 60 pips lower at the 1.6343 level. The GBP declined yesterday, due to an equity market rally, which led to traders dropping the cable.

Today, there is much economic news that is expected to determine the value of the both the EUR and GBP. There is the British Manufacturing Production at 08:30 GMT, the German Industrial Production at 10:00 GMT, and the British Nationwide Consumer Confidence at 23:01 GMT. There is likely to be a continuation of much of Monday's trends. However, the volatility may increase a lot, as regular trading returns to the forefront. It is advisable to buy into the main EUR, GBP, and CHF crosses, as today's trading kicks in.