Daily Pivots: (S1) 0.8808; (P) 0.8844; (R1) 0.8879;

EUR/GBP dips further to as low as 0.8812 today and intraday bias remains on the downside for 61.8% projection of 0.9410 to 0.8833 from 0.9153 at 0.8786 next and below. However, note that we'd continue top expect loss of momentum as the fall extends. Focus will then be on reversal signal as EUR/GBP approaches 0.8704 key support. On the upside, above 0.8871 minor r resistance will turn intraday bias neutral and bring consolidations. But risk will remain on the downside as long as 0.9027 resistance holds.

In the bigger picture, at this point, we're still favoring the case that medium term correction from 0.9799 has completed with three waves down to 0.8399 already. Rise from 0.8399 is possibly resuming the long term up trend. Hence, fall from 0.9410 is viewed as a correction only and should be contained by 0.8704 support. Break of 0.9027 resistance will suggest that correction from 0.9410 has completed and rise from 0.8399 is resuming for a test on 0.9799 high first and then 61.8% projection of 0.6535 to 0.9799 from 0.8399 at 1.0416.

However, decisive break of 0.8704 support will argue that firstly, rise from 0.8399 has completed at 0.9410 already. Secondly, this will indicate that fall from 0.9410 is likely the third leg of the correction pattern that started at 0.9799 and could extend beyond 0.8399 support before the whole correction concludes.


Economic Indicators Update

0:01GBPRightmove House Prices M/M Jan0.40%---2.20% 
4:30JPYIndustrial Production M/M Nov F2.2%2.60%2.60% 
13:30CADInternational Securities Transactions (CAD) Nov 5.000B5.814B 
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