Here are the Forex Breakout Signals for today. Again the Asian Session has been in a tight range. Do not use to much volume and set a 25 pip trailing stop if you are nervous with today being a Friday ;)

EUR/JPY Buy @113.44 SL112.43 TP113.94 Sell @112.43 SL113.44 TP111.93

GBP/JPY Buy @135.34 SL134.58 TP135.84 Sell @134.58 SL135.34 TP134.08

GBP/CHF Buy @1.6262 SL1.6191 TP1.6330 Sell @1.6191 SL1.6262 TP1.6130

EUR/USD Buy @1.3087 SL1.3029 TP1.3137 Sell @1.3029 SL1.3087 TP1.2979

GBP/USD Buy @1.5648 SL1.5579 TP1.5698 Sell @1.5579 SL1.5648 TP1.5529