With continued upside offensive seen, pressure continues to build on the upside. In such a case, the 109.87 level will be targeted with a breach of there opening the door for additional gains towards the 111.52 level, its Oct 31'2011 high. A breather may occur here and then turn it back down probably on a correction. However, if this fails to happen, further strength is likely towards the 112.34 level with a violation of there extending further gains towards the 113.00 and then the 114.14 level, its July 31'2011 high. Conversely, the risk to this analysis will be a return to its Mar 06'2012 low at 105.63 where a violation will call for a run at the 104.49 level, its Dec 09'2011 high and then the 103.27 level. All in all, EURJPY continues to maintain its broader upside tone.