EUR/JPY formed a short term bottom at 97.03 on bullish convergence condition in 4 hours MACD and rebounded strongly. Such rise could extend further higher but as long as 102.53 resistance holds, there is no indication of reversal yet. That is, fall from 111.57 is still in favor to continue. Below 98.54 minor support will flip bias back to the downside for retesting 97.03 low.

In the bigger picture, current fall from 123.31 is part of the down trend from 2008 high of 169.96 and should target 100% projection of 139.21 to 105.42 from 123.31 at 89.52. At this point, we'd anticipate strong support there to bring at least a rebound attempt, as it's close to 88.96 all time low as well as100% projection of 123.31 to 100.74 from 111.57 at 89.00. Though, a break of 111.57 resistance is needed to be the first signal of medium term reversal. Otherwise, we'll continue to stay bearish in the cross even in case of rebound.

In the long term picture, up trend from 88.96 (00 low) has completed at 169.96 and made a long term top there. Based on the five wave structure of the rise from 88.96 to 169.96, we're favoring that fall from 169.96 is corrective in nature. Hence, we'll look for reversal signal ahead of 88.96 low.