Release Explanation: Measures the investors’ confidence in the European economy. “A rising trend has a positive affect on the currency since it shows investors are bullish and more likely to buy the currency” Trade Team members said. Trade Team Thoughts: The Sentix improved notably in April, after hitting a new all-time low last month. The index rose 7.4 points from March, to -35.3. The Euro-zone's assessment is in-line with the other important regions.

TheLFB Trade Team noted that every sub-index of the report for the current and future situation improved in April from the previous month. In particular, the expectations index sits at the highest value since December 2007, at -12.50

Forex Technical Reaction: The euro traded between TheLFB R1 and R2 during the overnight session. This was inline with TheLFB Trade Team projections, which saw a mixed trend in the short term.