IBTRADE strategist Jay Norris' primary targets for EURUSD, AUDUSD & the S&P 500 were all reached today. Norris, whose popular daily show is seen on ForexTV, has been calling for 140.50 for EURUSD near term -- already reached -- and as high as 143.00 overall. In the S&P 500 Norris' intermediate-term target of 1270.00 was reached today, with the Aussie target of 105.00 also being eclipsed. Norris turned bullish on the Euro on 10-6 when the day to day trend shifted higher in all the financial market's on Trichet's insistence that they had the resources to get the Greek problem under control...the fix was in.

When asked what might happen next, Norris said, I'm not sure about that. Norris a new breed of market strategist, who in the name of transparency spends three hours per day pointing out trade set-ups and signals in live currency and stock-index markets for clients of IBTRADE. A Chicago resident and native, Norris is the author of two books by McGraw-Hill, and can generally be counted on for a thoughtful answer, because for one, he is always being taped. For compliance sake everything we do is archived, so I'm always mindful there's a tape somewhere of whatever I said about a market or event on any given day.

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