The EURUSD rally from yesterday's low reversed at the 50% retracement of the decline from 1.4350. Lower highs since 1.4375 indicate that the EURUSD may be in the early stages of a larger bear move.

Euro / US Dollar

Weakness from the top of the range may still be corrective but there is an alternate bearish count in which the rally to 1.4380 is wave C of an expanded flat. The rally from yesterday's low is a clear 3 wave affair (corrective) so favor the downside. A break of 1.4200 could see an acceleration of the decline in a 3rd wave.

British Pound / US Dollar

The bearish count is strong against 1.6629... Former support at 1.6274 is potential resistance near term. Focus is on 1.5980, which is a level that could produce a sizeable bounce. Only a break of 1.5800 would eliminate the range and clear the way for an extended decline.

Australian Dollar / US Dollar

As the AUDUSD nears its 2009 high, the bearish short term pattern has been called into question yet remained valid. A drop below .8151 would negate any bullish potential and open up a move to .7700.

New Zealand Dollar / US Dollar

Coming under .6640 would negate the blow-off top scenario that I have discussed in recent days and also mean that channel support (since March) has been broken. RSI divergence at multiple degrees of trend favors bears.

US Dollar / Japanese Yen

After a false break through channel resistance, the USDJPY is back below both the 55 and 200 day moving averages. The pair has failed at the 38.2% of the decline from 97.81. 93.00 is potential support and only a break below 91.73 would eliminate the larger range and give scope to a test of 87.00 and legitimate breakdown. Risk on shorts can be moved to 95.10.

US Dollar / Canadian Dollar

The rally from 1.0717 is impulsive (5 waves) and supports the expanded flat interpretation of price action since 8/12 that I proposed yesterday. A sharp decline this morning did find support from a former congestion zone. A break above 1.1000 shifts focus to 1.1130.

US Dollar / Swiss Franc

The USDCHF is in a similar situation to the EURUSD. Failure to stay above 1.0561 suggests that the USDCHF is headed for a test of the December 2008 low at 1.0367. However, the decline has failed to accelerate so wave C from 1.1973 may be complete. A rally above channel resistance would confirm a low.

British Pound / Japanese Yen

Bigger picture, the pair remains in a large range (146.70-163.00) and 150.00 is potential support before the range low. Former support at 153.50 is potential resistance as is potential trendline resistance drawn off of the 8/10 and 8/24 highs.

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