The euro and the pound started trading this week, declining against the federal currency after the EU Summit failed to bailout Greece that makes investors worry about the future of the union currency, so they turned to buy the low yielding dollar. The USDIX rose in today's Asian session recording a high of 81.61 and a low of 81.27, while the index is currently trading around 81.50.

The euro dollar pair declined in the Asian session recording a low of 1.3416 and a high of 1.3483, having the union currency trading around 1.3435. The pair rose by the end of last week to the 1.3500 levels, where it found a strong support to start falling back to the 1.3430 levels today. The pair is having a support at 1.3335 along with a resistance at 1.3540, and the four hour stochastic oscillator is supporting the downside. However, the euro zone's consumer confidence is on queue today that may move the pair.

Regarding the pound dollar pair, it fell slightly recording a low of 1.4889 and a high of 1.4961, having the royal currency trading around 1.4935. The pair is having a support at 1.4795 along with a resistance at 1.5030, and the pair is expected to show further declines according to the stochastic oscillator on the four hour charts. England's net consumer credit will be released today that may affect the pair moves.

Finally, the dollar yen pair is consolidating between a high of 92.78 and a low of 92.33, while the pair is currently trading around 92.60. Today's support could be found at 91.90, while the resistance could be found at 93.00, and the pair is trading in the over sold area according to momentum indicators on the daily scale that makes us expect a slight decline then the pair will be climbing again.