The euro continued to incline versus its major counterpart the dollar during the Asian session, breaking the critical levels that forced on the pair to decline with beginning of the week, where the euro supported by retail sales data that will raise during the European area. The British pound failed to increase, as the weakening of the upside momentum to it.

The euro rose against the dollar breaking the support 1.2780. The euro/dollar recorded today a high of 1.2834 and a low of 1.2810, and now is trading around 1.2820. According to the four hours and daily momentum indicators, the euro might witness an unstable trading session today, which push the pair to incline.

The pound inclined against the dollar, but today, recording a high of 1.5427 and a low of 1.5389, and now it trades around 1.5410. The daily momentum indicators show the pair is trading within and oversold area, while that may support a further rise for the pair.

Today, the dollar/yen pair is trading in narrow, trying to reach the resistance 84.80, recording a low of 84.29 and a high of 84.41, and now it trades around 84.30. The daily momentum indicators also show the pair is trading within and oversold area, while the four hours momentum indicators give purchasing signs.