It is indeed a lucky day for risk seekers amid improved sentiments throughout the financial markets, where the euro gained alongside other higher-yielding currencies and the dollar depreciated, particularly on optimsim over Greece and its second resuce package with bets the world's largest economy is on track of recovery.

In fact, risk appeal was triggered after a German newspapaer reported that European Central bank is swapping 50 billion euros of Greek government bond holdings for new Greek securities, fueled specualtions Greece will scoop up its second bailout. Today, the Greek Government expressed optimism as well that a new debt deal could be wrapped up at Eurogroup meeting on Feb 20.

Jobless claims in the U.S unexpectedly fell 13 thousand last week to 348 thousand, an four-year low according to the U.S Commerce Department. in addition, the Federal Reserve Bank of Phildelphia's gauge of business activity rallied to 10.2 in January, exceeding estimates and 7.3 reproted last month, spurring sentiments and brushing aside fears about the delay in Greece's resuce package.

The dollar reveresed earlier gain against most if its traded counterparts, driving the dollar index which measures the perfomance of the dollar against a basket of currencies, down from the opening level of 79.65 to currently trade around 79.49, recording a high of 80.11 and a low of 79.39.

Safe havens lost the applead accordingly, leaving the yellow shiny metal to trade around $1721.56 an ounce, down from the opening level of $1727.65 an ounce. Oil futures gained, to reach a five-week high and now trades around $102.24 a barrel from the opening level of $101.90 a barrel.

the 17-nation currency bounced up from its lowest level since Jan. 25 against the dollar after, driving the EUR/USD pair to trade around $1.3025 from the opening level of $1.3064, recording the highest level of $1.3119 and lowest of $1.2972.

The British Pound rose against its U.S counterpart, driving the the GBP/USD pair up from the $1.5691 opening level to trade around $1.5784, recording the highest level of $1.598 and lowest level of $1.5653.

Finally, the dollar inclined versus the Japanese Yen, driving the USD/JPY pair to trade around ¥78.93 from the opening level of ¥78.41, while hitting the highest level of ¥78.94 and lowest level of ¥78.34.