The Union currency remains weak throughout the currencies market up till now, reaching today actually a 10-month low against the dollar as Fitch Ratings slashedPortugal's credit rating, while that that governmental current deficits witnessed in Europe maydelay a strong worldwide economical revival and in particularly Greece's ongoing and unsolved budget crisis.

As a result, the euro-dollar pair is currently narrow trading on the four-hour and one-hour scale and may start to incline slightly according to the four-hour stochastic oscillator, having the Union currency now trading around 1.3347 recording a high of 1.3499 and a low of 1.3321 with a resistance at 1.3360 and a support seen at 1.3310.

Similar to the euro-dollar pair, the pound-dollar pair is now consolidating as well, after a significant drop witnessed throughout the EU session while that the pair shows a high tendency to start climbing to the upside according to the four-hour momentum indicators, having the royal pound now trading at 1.4896 recording a high of 1.5039 and a low of 1.4874 with a resistance seen at 1.4980 and a support at 1.4860.

Now, after that the green Benjamin advanced considerably against the low-yielding yen throughout the past session, it is now being slightly pulled to the downside, having the dollar-yen pair faintly plunging and forecasted to slip further to the downside according to the one-hour momentum indicators with a yen now trading at 91.98 recording a high of 92.22 and a low of 90.33 with a resistance at 92.20 and a support at 90.95.