CURRENCIES: 01/21/10 Sharply closes yesterday higher for the US Dollar index while lower to sharply lower for the Japanese yen, British pound, Euro Fx, Canadian dollar, Aussie dollar and Swiss franc. The euro and franc settled sharply lower giving me a SELL SIGNAL in the euro as it now resumes its long-term down-tend while the franc is in a support area ending my buy signal but not, at least yet, giving me a sell. The yen closed down still in a down-trend since late November but not giving me a new sell signal as of this time. The Canadian dollar really got slammed taking out the lows of the last eleven trading days putting it at the upper end of a strong support area. My buy signal is still okay as of this moment. The pound settled lower but still should work higher while in a short-term uptrend and intermediate down-trend. The Aussie dollar also settled sharply lower needing to hold the 9000 area which is the bottom end of a good support area. The dollar index closed sharply higher now at the upper end if a resistance area. A key price to watch is 7877. I am holding a Sell Signal on the Euro. Please feel free to contact me for details.


FINANCIALS: 01/21/10 Higer for the eurodollars while lower for the notes and bonds. The eurodollar continues to be in a long-term uptrend making a new CONTRACT HIGH AND CLOSE while the notes and bonds made a new recent highs and closes

ENERGIES: 01/21/10   Lower closes Wednesday for natural gas, crude and heating oil along with the rbob. The crude and heat have given me SELL SIGNALS while the rbob is close but still in a good support area. All three have been selling off since its reversal type action on the 11th of January. Gas is still in a BEAR TRIANGLE that keeps getting larger and should work lower to the 540 area basis the March contract. BUY SIGNAL WITH THE RBOB