The euro rose against the dollar yesterday to cut its losses recorded during the week, after a meeting of the European leaders yesterday during which they discussed thedebtsituation in the European region. As for the Japanese Yen, it continues to trade in a narrow range due to the absence of news about the Japanese crisis.

The euro-dollar pair started today's session with a decline, where the pair trades around 1.4171, recording a high of 1.4180 and a low of 1.4163, while the pair faces a support at 1.4400. The momentum indicators give selling signs.

Turing to the British pound versus the US dollar which dropped during today's Asian session, trades around 1.6115, recorded the highest at 1.6120 and the lowest at 1.6097, while the pair faces a support at 1.6070. On the other hand, the four hour momentum indicators show the pair in an oversold area.

The dollar/yen pair rose the Asian session, and now the pair trades around 80.98, recording a high of 81.01 and a low of 80.95. The pair faces a support at 80.70.The daily momentum indicators give selling sings.