FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - More advances in equity markets triggered a dollar downside rally Thursday that falls as much as 1.2945 against Euro and to the 1.3960 level against Gbp. Swiss Franc fall apart after the Swiss National Bank not only cut rates but also intervene in forex market to halt the appreciation of the currency.

Japanese Yen is regaining yesterday's bullish momentum and sending down all Jpy crosses, as Japanese continue repatriating currency ahead of March 31st , fiscal year close. However macroeconomic data from Japan suggest more downside bias for the currency, and after SNB intervention, rumors of Japan following those steps are stronger. The currency could keep actual strength for a couple of weeks.

EUR /USD - The pair keeps the bullish bias after breaking key resistance levels by the end of the American session around 1.2860/80. Indicators are still not giving clear signs of continuation, except for the 20 SMA that continues clearly bullish. Quoting around 1.2920 resistances for the following hours will be at 1.2945, 1.2990 and 1.3030. Corrections will find supports at 1.2888, 1.2862 and 1.2816.

GBP/USD - Right in the 1.3645 congestion zone, the pair needs to make a clear move to the upside to continue bullish in the next hours. 1.3983 needs to be clear, before 1.4032 the 1.4090 zone and above 1.4140.

USD/JPY - Wide movements in the pair, 4 hours charts remain bearish for the next hours, after completing a pullback to the ascendant trend line broken yesterday. Under 97.16 supports will be at 96.65, the zone around 96.00 and finally 95.65. Above 97.80 next resistances will be at 98.20/30 and above 98.55.