StockRockandRoll, Penny Invest, Stocks Gone Wild, StockEgg, Stock Palooza, Stock Rich and BullRally reported on Euro Solar Parks, Inc. (ESLP) recently, and we are highlighting the Company as “One to Watch” for next week, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Euro Solar Parks, Inc. is focused on developing, building and operating commercial solar power plants with a focus on the emerging European solar energy market. As a holistic general contractor, they manage and control the entire process from development to construction up to operation and maintenance of solar power plants. This strategy guarantees strong cost and performance control along the entire value chain, and thus a maximum benefit contribution to clients and investors.

The company’s vision is to supply European emerging markets with healthy and affordable electrical energy resources. Although there are various interesting technologies and approaches to producing electricity through different regenerative energy resources, such as wind, water power and biomass, Euro Solar still believes that solar power plants are, and will remain, one of the most important and efficient sources of CO2-free energy for the next generations.

Sunlight has always been Earth’s primary source of energy. Solar energy can be harnessed via a variety of natural and synthetic processes – photosynthesis by plants captures the energy of sunlight and converts it to chemical form (oxygen and reduced carbon compounds), while direct heating or electrical conversion by solar cells are used by solar power equipment to generate electricity or to do other useful work.

Euro Solar Parks targets national utility corporations, owned either by a government body or private shareholders. However, Euro Solar Parks does not develop and/or build insular plants, which are only used for supplying buildings and smaller private communities and that are not connected to the nation-wide network. The advantage of network operation is that the energy will be consumed at any time, even if the producer does not currently need the energy.

Euro Solar Parks actively seeks, selects and maintains strategic partnership programs with world class providers of resources, products and services that offer a coherent fit. Alliances are based on the sectoral fit as well as the resonance of values and ambitions. Euro Solar Parks currently concentrates on the following geographical markets: South America and Eastern Europe.

In most recent news, Euro Solar Parks announced the completion of its first acquisition of two strategic land resources of approximately 11,560m2 for the development of small-sized solar power plants up to 0.7MWp. The company acquired the land resources through the acquisition of 100% of the membership interest of the Bulgarian Consulting and Development Firm FOREIGN SUPPORT AND CONSULTING LLC (FSC).

The land resources are located in the Karlovo Municipality, Bulgaria, with the distance to the national electricity grid measuring only 21 meters from the first property and 57 meters from the second one. The relatively short distances to the national power grid and the current status of the land resources will facilitate and significantly simplify the process of development. The management of EURO SOLAR PARKS BULGARIA, LLC (EUSB) expects to be ready to start with the construction of the PV-Plant after preparing the necessary documents of development.

Euro Solar Parks, Inc. President and CEO Dimitrios Argyros commented, “We are very excited that the Company is well positioned for a year of aggressive growth through the land acquisition in Bulgaria, which is an advantage for the development of commercial solar energy plants. We will also continue our strategy of growth through the evaluation of new projects for possible acquisition or joint venture; while remaining committed to the preservation of the Company’s capital structure and the avoidance of excessive shareholder dilution.”