So far, hopes along with strong sentiments of optimism are spread throughout overall markets, leading the U.S stocks to rise within the midday session, as the European Union proclaimed that Greece would announce tomorrow further deficit-reduction measures, mounting hopes that the debt crisis on the European continent may be nearing an end, which would allow accordingly the Union recovery pace to accelerate.

As a result, traders' appetite for risk was boosted to help the Euro rise from a 10-month low, having the euro-dollar pair currently inclining significantly to have the Union currency trade around 1.3611 recording a high of 1.3617 and a low of 1.3433 with a resistance at a1.3720 and a support at 1.3525, knowing that the pair's rally may start to ease strongly according to the four-hour and one-hour stochastic oscillators.

As for the pound-dollar pair, it is currently narrow trading between a resistance level witnessed at 1.4985 and a support level detected at 1.4900, having the royal pound currently trading at 1.4971 recording a high of 1.4998 and a low of 1.4852, while that the pair shows a tendency to rise according to the one-hour momentum indicators.

Now, as there's no data released from the world's leading economy today, the dollar is narrow trading and moving in a sideway wave against the Yen, where the pair has been pulled strongly by the strength of the yen, having eventually the dollar-yen pair plummeting recently to the downside to trade so far at 88.61 recording a high of 89.37 and a low of 88.60 with a resistance at 89.70 and a support at 88.20.