Morning report

The royal pair is moving according to the previous explained scenario-check it here- as it inclined aggressively from our detected areas of 0.8730, approaching the first technical target of 0.8800 levels where it's battling the Fibonacci expansion level, which we see that it will slow down the bullish scenario for a while but the bullish harmonic scenario is still in favor, pressuring the price, targeting 0.8905 areas. Therefore we still keep our overview to the upside.

Trading range is among the key support at 0.8585 and key resistance now at 0.8960.

The general trend is to the upside as far as 0.8020 area remains intact with targets at 1.0000 followed by 1.0400 levels.

RecommendationBased on the charts and explanations above our opinion is, buying the pair from 0.8760 targeting 0.8850 and stop loss below 0.8685 might be appropriate.