The euro zone released the Business Climate Indicator for July retreated to 0.45 from the revised prior of 0.95 from 0.92 and below the expected estimate 0.83.

The consumer confidence final reading for July was revised lower to 11.2 from the prior drop of 10.3 in June and below the expectations -11.4.

Moreover, the Economic Confidence declined to 103.2 from the revised prior to 105.4 from 105.1 and below expectations of 104.0.

In addition the euro zone Industrial confidence retreated to 1.1 below the revised prior of 3.5 from 3.2 and the expected estimate of 1.8.In regards to services confidence, the indicator declined sharply to 7.9 from the revised previous of 10.1 from 9.9 and below the expected estimate of 9.2.