FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - Euro Area's construction sector is starting to show signals of decline, as construction output has posted considerably in March, according to data by Eurostat, which will definitely influence negatively Euro Zone's economic growth, since construction has been one of the main sectors of EU economy.

Construction Output has posted a 2.2% decline from February to March, following a 1.6% increase in the previous month, upwardly revised from the 1.2% increase previously estimated.

Year on year, construction output has decreased 1.4%, after a 4.4% yearly increase posted in February, also revised up from the initial 4.3%.

Building construction has decreased 1.9% in March in the countries belonging to the European Monetary Union, while it fell 2.1% on the year, figures reversing the 0.9% monthly and the 4.6% year on year increases posted in February.