FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - Euro Zone's Current account has shown a 10.3 billion euro deficit in December, in seasonally adjusted terms from revised 2.3 surplus posted in November, according to figures by the European Central Bank.

Non seasonally adjusted, the current account posted a 1.9% surplus, down from a 2.7 billion euro surplus in November. December's figures reflect a 8.2 billion deficit in current transfers, a 3.2 billion deficit in goods trade, and a 1.4 billion deficit in income account. On the positive side, services trade reached a 2.6 billion surplus.

On the whole 2007 year, the European Union has obtained a 15.0 billion euro current account surplus; 0.2% of the EU GDP; following a 13.6 billion deficit posted in the year 2006, as good trade increased its surplus to 59.6 billion in 2007 from 22.3 billion in the previous year, services trade surplus increased from 35.3 billion to 42.5 billion, partly offset by deficits in income account and current transfers.