While rallying against the USD yesterday, the EUR faced a moderate setback versus the British Pound and Yen. Climbing towards 1.4300 against the USD, the EUR dropped to as low as 0.8750 versus the Pound Sterling and 131.30 compared to the Yen.

The price behavior of the EUR these past few days has been to mimic the movement of stocks, since most economic data has failed to provide a clear signal about market direction. Since global stocks are inching their way towards positive growth, the EUR also inched its way up against its primary rival. However, the lack of optimism meant that the safe-haven JPY continued to gain momentum against all of its rivals.

For today, EUR traders have an important economic event to be on the lookout for. The European Central Bank (ECB) is going to announce its decision regarding its Minimum Bid Rate (short-term interest rates for the region), and could also potentially give hints about its economic growth forecasts for the next 6 months. Any indication of a rate increase in the next half-year could spell heavy optimism for the EUR and traders would be foolish to miss out on this event.