FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - Euro Zone's industrial production has declined on the month in December for its second month in a row, although the fall has been softer than the one posted in the previo9us month, according to data by Eurostat.

In December, Euro Area's industrial production has fallen 0.2% while it has risen 1.3% compared to December 2006. Figures from November have been revised, the monthly reading up to -0.4% from -0.5% estimated previously, while the yearly reading has been revised to a 3.1% increase from the 2.7% previously released.

On the month, production of energy increased by 0.5% in December, while intermediate goods production increased by 0.3% and durable goods remained practically unchanged. On the negative side, both, non-durable consumer goods and capital goods decreased 0.1%.

Production of energy has been also the main contribution for the yearly figure, posting a 4.4% rise followed by a 2.3% increase on capital goods, and the 0.2% increase on the intermediate goods production. All these increases have been partially offset by the 4.2% fall in durable goods production.