FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - Prices at producer level have posted a moderate increase in December from the previous month, while the year on year increment was somewhat higher, driven up considerably by energy pries, according to the latest data by Eurostat.

In December, industrial prices have inched up 0,1% from November, excluding energy, prices rose the same 0,1%, while non durable consumer goods posted the largest increase; 0,4%. December's increase follows a 0.9% revised increase posted in November.

On the year, prices have risen 4.3% year on year, somewhat above the 4.1% increase posted in November. Energy prices with a 8.3% yearly increase, are, in part, responsible for the yearly figure. Excluding energy prices, all other items prices rose by 3.1%. Non durable consumer goods increased 4.2% and intermediate goods prices increased 3.4%.