A wave of risk aversion was quite spread throughout the financial markets on Monday, as we saw investors heading towards low-yielding assess and the dollar stepping up against its trading peers, after concerns reignited about the outlook of Europe's worsening debt crisis. In fact, investors repealed risky assets today as EU Finance Minister failed to secure another bailout for the for the debt-laden Greece which seems to be heading for near default.

The Dollar index which measures the performance of the U.S Dollar against a basket of currencies including the Yen, the pound and the Euro, picked up from today's opening at 77.17 to currently trade at 77.28 while recording a high of 77.52 and a low of 76.95.

The yellow Shiny Metal dropped to trade at 1779.18 since opening at 1824.74, while crude oil price fell as well to trade at $85.21 after opening at 87.38.

The Euro fell against the U.S dollar after opening at 1.3681 as the Euro/USD pair recorded a high of 1.3706 and a low of 1.3586 and the pair currently trades at 1.3638, the pair is now trading between the key support of 1.3600 and the key resistance of 1.3665.

The Sterling pound dropped against the U.S dollar where the pair currently trades at 1.5668 while recording a high of 1.5755 and a low of 1.5633 since opening at 1.5710, the GBP/USD pair is now trading within the key support of 1.5655 and the key resistance of 1.5690.

The U.S dollar fell against the Japanese Yen after the opening at 76.96 while recording a high of 76.98 and a low of 76.32 and the pair is currently trading at 76.49, while the pair is trading within the key resistance of 76.65 and key support of 76.40.