With news of a possible Greece austerity plan to pass as early as Sunday, le'ts review the ECB member's outlook on the European economy.

As of last week, Trichet, telegraphed that ECB would probably hike interest rates at next month's meeting, July 7th.

The following graph displays all the ECB members and a Hawkish vs. Dovish meter representing their views on the health of the Eurozone.

1=Dovish 3=Neutral 5=Hawkish

It's interesting to note that the members of the European crisis countries, Greece, Portugal, Spain, and Ireland are all Dovish.

Information Courtesy of Reuters

Jean-Claude Trichet President 4=Hawkish
Vitor Constancio Vice President 1=Dovish
Juergen Stark Germany 5=Hawkish
Lorenzo Bini Smaghi Italy 5=Hawkish
Luc Coene Belgium 5=Hawkish
Yves Mersch Luxembourg 5=Hawkish
Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell Austria 4=Hawkish
Jens Weidman Germany 4=Hawkish
Mario Draghi Italy 4=Hawkish
Nout Wellink Netherlands 4=Hawkish
Andres Lipstok Estonia 4=Hawkish
Jose Manuel Gonzalez-Paramo Spain 3=Neutral
Ewald Nowotny Austria 3=Neutral
Josef Makuch Slovakia 3=Neutral
Athanasios Orphanides Cyprus 2=Dovish
Erkki Liikanen Finland 2=Dovish
Christian Noyer France 2=Dovish
Patrick Honohan Ireland 2=Dovish
Michael Bonello Malta 2=Dovish
Carlos Costa Portugal 2=Dovish
Marko Kranjec Slovenia 2=Dovish
Georgios Provopoulos Greece 1=Dovish
Miguel Fernandez Ordonez Spain 1=Dovish