FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - The Purchasing Manager Index in the EuroZone has posted a decline in December related to November's index, German PMI services has improved more than expected in December, according to data provide by NTC Economics.

EuroZone PMI has decreased to 42.1 in December, loosing 0.4 pts from 42.5 of November's data. market expectations was a decline to 42.0 pts in December.

The December's Composite PMI has decline to 38.2 from 38.9 in November.

German PMI services has improved to 46,6 in December, winning 1.5 pts from 45.1 in November. Market expected an increase to 46.4 in December.

Remind that all data above 50 in PMI index shows activity expansion, on the other hand, data below 50 pts is considered as activity contraction.