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EUR/USD Analysis

Euro - US Dollar Current Exchange Rate: 1.2739 (at the time of analysis update).

EURUSD Outlook: Short-term: Up/Volatile sideways. Mid-Term: Down.

EUR/USD Analysis (November 14, 2012): A buy order at 1.2735 with a stop-loss at 1.2715 (-20 pips) and take-profit target first at 1.2755 (+20 pips) and then 1.2770 (+35 pips). The swing limit order with a short-selling position at 1.2790 with a stop-loss at 1.2825 (-35 pips) and take profit target first at 1.2755 (+35 pips) and then 1.2705 (+85 pips).

Previous Analysis (November 12, 2012): A short-selling order at 1.2715 with a stop-loss at 12.747 (-32 pips) and take-profit target first at 1.2670 (+45 pips) and then 1.2645 (+70 pips).

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EUR/USD Interest Rate Comparison
(For Carry Trade)
EUR interest rate 
USD interest rate 
eur/usd interest rate comparision 


EUR/USD : Resistance and Support with Daily Pivot Points (Values at GMT 00:00)


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