The EURUSD made another indecisive movement yesterday, formed another Doji on daily chart and moved in trading range of 1.4150 – 1.4270 since Tuesday. The broadening formation on h4 chart below suggest that the price might strike new higher highs and lower lows but without clear direction. I was hoping that the bullish run on Monday could trigger further significant bullish momentum so at least technically we have a clearer direction and a break  from 7 weeks of trendless and difficult market , but we have nothing significant so far. In my opinion, there is nothing we can do in this situation but to wait for significant moves and clearer direction. Boring, but look on the bright side: a good and rare opportunity to practice our discipline and patient, two things that surely not less important that our technical and fundamental analysis ability. At this phase, keep watching these key levels: 1.4000 – 1.4336.