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Jingle bells Jingles bells forex all the way,

oh what fun it is to ride the bullish pair leads the way HEY !

GoooooooD Morning Koalas! A great Tuesday i hope. It is Dec and this means Christmas is here soon. I hope Santa deposits lots of pips to my sock yeah!


The currency pair dipped on concerns of Dubai World last week and recovered this week as quickly as it dips amid reports of support from UAE. This chart shows the dangerous volatility nature of forex so clearly that it is almost


so please trade safely.


Likewise, our market clue the S&P 500 resumes a bullish stance. This suggests that risk seekers are out again. This may add bearish pressure to the US Dollar.

Oil in the meanwhile approaches the top of the range at $79+.

Gold is the winner of the day again, towering high at $1190+. Over the weekend, Iran announced further nuclear plans. Seeing that the US Dollar remains weak while Gold rose, we may be seeing some risk aversion channeling here instead. After all, Gold being it’s timeless status, may be seen as a safe haven in times of trouble. Read my article on Gold and it’s role in the economy here. to find out more.


As we are seeing strong economic reports from the Asia giant China, sentiments may be positive and risk seeking should surface. Furthermore, the rate hike by Australia’s RBA suggests that the world economy seems to be moving along well.

While it seems that the sentiments are strongly positive, do not forget that this is forex. US ADP Non-Farm Employment Change is due tomorrow and the Dubai World Crisis may not be totally over yet.

Bullish developments may bring us to test 1.5140 and then 1.5200.

Bearish reinforcements should target to clear the region of 1.5063 and then 1.5000.


Today is World Aids Day. Sadly, many folks are dying of Aids daily, often not a choice of their own. Do visit the official website and show your support in ways that you can. This is a worldwide problem and everyone has a part to play. Even humans who think they are koalas.

By the way, my long work starts tomorrow and you know what this means… load up the medicines and fight the future! ( anyone wants to tell me who will like this phrase ” fight the future ? :P )

Trade safe and please don’t let the possibility of a margin call be FULL HD to you too !

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