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Good day to all.

It is Friday, AKA time to cash the profits out for pub money day!

Hmmm, however if you were betting on a bullish momentum then i am afraid there will be no party. The EUR/USD took a major dive today.

Like brothers from the same farm, the S&P 500 dips too.

Oil falls into the $77 region, placing it back within the previous range. Thawing winter probably snapped speculative demands of oil.

Gold in the meanwhile remains directionless around $1130+.


So who let the bears out? WOOF WOOF WOOF ( ok i know it is DOGs but just ignore that ok ? )

Risk Aversion !

Remember how i have been nagging, reminding, saying, grumbling, typing and ARGGH whatever about Greece’s problem? Where sometimes it may seem to have disappeared but one must never think that a problem will solve by itself?

Yap. The problem is back! The Koala is right!

ECB’s Trichet’s comments about Greece’s problems most likely sent investors running for cover. The thought of the possibility of a “no bail out” policy for Greece probably rained on the investors’ parade!

China’s moves to tame growth and speculative bubbles are taking their toil on sentiment as well.

We all know that sentiments, especially bad ones, spread like cancer and hence do be prudent. Use proper money management and survive to trade another day.

Bullish relief may bring us to 1.4400.

If the bears keep things in check, we may end at 1.4360/25.

Keep a look out for my EUR/USD Weekly Review over the weekends.


I watched Daybreakers today!

The concept is interesting but the delivery of the movie leaves more to be desired. Imagine if one day the world does becomes like this. Will you turn yourself into one of them or remain as a human?

Trade Safe.

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