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Goooooooooood Morning Koalas!

Welcome to a new week of Forex trading. Making money in forex is …………. NEVER EASY.

Look at how our currency pair the EUR/USD flipped around over the weeks. How easy can that be?

While the US stock market is closed today, Europe’s is in green.

Gold and oil did not move much and are currently at $1135+ and $77+ respectively.


After the massive dip last Friday, probably a result of risk aversion, investors in Asia and Europe seem to be hunting for higher yields again as the EUR/USD climbs slowly.

The German German ZEW Economic Sentiment tomorrow is expected to come in slightly below 50 and any significant difference from the expectation may trigger momentum. Tomorrow brings us the US TIC Long-Term Purchases as well and being an indicator of the balance of domestic and foreign investment, many investors will be looking at this for a possible outlook on the US economy’s health.

With the US market closed, please be on a look out for low volume anomalies like spikes and whipsaws.

Bullish pressure may have us testing 1.4400 while bears may want to see 1.4362/25.


Folks, my blog is indeed my labor of love. If you notice, i have been putting in lots of efforts these days, trying to cover more to help more folks new to Forex and also to make things more interesting to brighten up one’s day. I hope i am doing it the right way and i do welcome all feedback!

Currently, i am doing a Best in 2009 series where i highlight different parts of the blog that came up top in 2009. My first is up and it is the most watched funny Forex video in 2009.

Enjoy and trade safely :)

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