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Good Day Koalas !!!!

Regulars, guess what i am gonna say.. come on you know it….


yay! What an irony. I get most time to do my forex related stuff on non forex trading days HA !

Yes the weekends are coming… and i am already dreading the following Monday -_-


You know i loveeeeeeeee it when my charts work. Once again we test the almighty 1.4843-65 region. Following up on yesterday’s article, it is indeed dangerous because the currency pair is simply whipsawing like an angry koala !


S&P 500 in the meanwhile blasted through 1100. It currently hangs around 1090+.

Oil settles back into the range at $78+ now.

Gold is now back at $1135+.


Well we had our green days and definitely red days are expected. I said some time ago that 1.5 is never going to be easy and indeed it is not.

On a technical point of view, 1.5000 is a major line. A psychological point of view, hitting 1.5000 may cause folks to question, ” Hey have we really recovered that fast? ” Fundamental ? HA HA HA. Ask the jobless folks down the street ya? I recommend that you run as fast as you can if they look even unhappier than they already are after you asking them if they felt the economy has recovered.

No warm welcome for being Captain Obvious there.

By the way, my guess for the drop in the currency pair so far was perhaps a market anticipation of bad unemployment claims numbers in the US. While we clock in close to estimates, i have not seen positive sentiments yet. One thing though, at least we have stopped falling! See if the equities recover later in the afternoon.

I read some reports that volume in equities are dropping worldwide and this may be due to the year end. While this may suggest a stall or even a reversal in the bullish trends, you know me. I trade the chart. Watch how the price is behaving.

Sentiments can never be timed or predicted! Hear this from the Koala!

It seems that ECB President Trichet is due to talk soon. Be careful of any crazy party creating sentences like ” We need a strong dollar. The value of the EURO is not a concern. The value of the EURO is reasonable ” etc etc You get the drift.

Oh don’t forget tomorrow is friday. The rush to exit positions for the beer money may cause unexpected moves.

Bullish return may bring us to 1.4910+.

Bears rampaging the EUR/USD may take a swipe at 1.48000.


Guys! I found Mulder. He is currently having some problems with the investigation but he will squeeze some time to find out more about the gold. Expect a report from him soon.

One of my readers said that a koala walked past his window at work today and he wonders if it is me checking on him. Muahahaaha. All i can say is the koala kingdom’s influence may be more than meets the eye.

The Truth Is Out There.

Trade safe!

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