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Good day to all.

It has been sometime since i boasted shamelessly!



For the past 3 candles, the EUR/USD has been flirting around the 1.5063-88 region. These were previous highs.


The S&P 500 on the other hand seems to have a resistance line formed right about 1110+. The poorer than expected ADP Non-Farm Employment release may make the task of breaking through the resistance even harder. Should it be cleared, we may see another round of US Dollar weakness.

Oil currently remains around $78+. This is going on for too long and we may need… yes only he can find out the truth…. MULDER ! ( I need to contact him again as after the clues from Gold about the US Dollar article, he has once again disappeared hot on the trail of the possibilities of alien forex. )

Gold is currently high at $1212+ ( Oh well, stop wishing that you bought the gold at $950 )


EURO minimum bid rate is due tomorrow! Expect the unexpected as traders guess and speculate the rate and crazily react to the press conference should they hear any comment that disturbs them.

After which, we have more mambo jumbos with the US unemployment claims and followed on later by Fed Chairman Bernanke’s appearance.

Bullish figures remain as a possible test of 1.5140 followed by 1.5200.

Bearish momentum will need to clear 1.5063 before heading on to 1.5000.


Do you love eating? I do. I personally feel that to eat is a kind of happiness too. Unfortunately i do not have much time after working, blogging and feeding of the koalas. Therefore little exercise. We all know what eat alot + little exercise means.. FAT. OH NO.

Trade safe and eat well!

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