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Good day to all !

Xmas is approaching !!!!!! woah!

Looking at the EUR/USD, the currency pair is still assaulting the 1.4260 level.

The S&P 500 in the meanwhile continues an assault of its own. Targeting to break free 1120, it may indicate a new phrase of sentiment optimism should it succeed.

Oil has fallen to around $72+. Being a dormant market these days, any decisive break above $80 or below $70 will catch my attention again!

Gold has fallen to $1077+. As these positive sentiments develop and the US Dollar strengthens, the double pressure on the gold may induce weakening prices.


US Existing Home Sales was better than expected. This tend to cause an amount of excitement and positive sentiment as home sales are generally crucial to the economy. As the US appears to be recovering day by day, increased confidence may have investors flocking to the equities and currency of US.

We have US New Home Sales upcoming and it will be wise to pay attention to it.

Bullish pressure may bring us back to 1.4325 while continued bearish assaults may break the 1.4260 support and have us steering towards the strong support of 1.4200.

Watch out for clues to sentiments in the equities market.


I have been using Windows 7 for sometime now and so far it seems pretty good. One thing i am excited about is that being so new, patches and service packs may make it even better! Finally a Windows better than XP may be in the works. DONT TELL ME about VISTA. LoL

Cheers and trade safe.

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