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Good day to all!

Happy thanksgiving day :) My koalas and i thank you for your support here. Without you the reader, there will be no one to hear stories about alien forex, mulder and koala!


Looking at the chart, it looks as if the currency pair decides to give thanks to the US Dollar,

While the US is on holiday, the rest of the world’s equities are pretty much red,

Today serves again as a reminder to all that when we are in the business of forex, it is critical for us to follow diligently on the world news and events. There are reports stating that the problem at Dubai may be trigger risk aversion of all sorts. Reports like this at bloomberg, “Dubai World, the government investment company burdened by $59 billion of liabilities, roiled markets around the world yesterday by seeking to delay repayment on much of its debt. ” may possibly trigger defensive actions like the taking of profits on long positions.

Gold is currently near $1200. Being a timeless commodity, tough times may push up the price of gold. View my article on gold if you are not clear of this theory.

As the US is on holiday, volume will be low and speculators may take advantage of the situation.

Bullish momentum may bring us to test the recent high of 1.5143 while bearish advancement may bring us to test 1.5000 followed by 1.4950/60+


My cough is not getting better! Finished two bottles of medicine but the effect is little. One thing for sure is my dedication to this blog and to helping newcomers is beyond question! Even when i am coughing every minute ( like now ) i endure it and continue on for the sake of you koalas. :)

Btw, i got myself Windows 7. Yay ! Are you planning to upgrade yours? :P

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