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Gooooooooooood day forex trading koalas !

We know it and we want it. IT IS CASH YOUR PIPS FOR BEER DAY !!

If you are green, stay so and not let a bad trade ruin your weekend. If you are red, do not let your emotions rule you. The market will be there next week. In fact will be there next week too. YaY !

Yesterday we noted that investors are probably shunning away from the US Dollar due to continued disappointment. Nevertheless we must not forget that the Euro Zone Crisis is not over yet and Greece saw strikes again yesterday due to the economic reforms. Consequent of the acceptance of the EU / IMF loan package.

And now it is time for me to shamelessly boast. I LOVE IT WHEN MY CHART WORKS X 2 I mentioned yesterday that we are challenging the 1.3090 line and it may be a resistance. INDEED IT IS ! In fact it is now testing the 1.3 support.

The S&P 500 fell today. At around 1100, it is probably a result of dampen sentiments.


The US Advance GDP clocked in worst than expected. With a massive deficit and a fragile labor market, this is not a surprise. So why is the EUR/USD holding back on the ride up? The German Retail Sales came out worst than expected too ! It is negative and being the largest economy in the Euro Zone, investors will take notice of it.

The end result? The ranging EUR/USD today! As the day draws to a close, just be on a lookout for sudden moves due to profit taking on a month end.

Trade Safely.


I watched some videos on youtube yesterday regarding how aliens might have helped the ancient civilizations build their monuments. The Pyramids is one example.


Let me ask you. If the Seti project finally discovers intelligent signals from outerspace, shall we make an effort to contact them?

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