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The last day of November … after which, 1 more month before 2010 .. after which 2 years to

2012 !!! We have been warned. NOT !

Happyyyyyyyyyyyy Monday bluey !


The EUR/USD currently back above 1.5000. Dubai World seems to have not much of an effect here.


Remember i said that equities are usually my leading indicators to currencies?

Dubai World did apparently have a greater impact here. The S&P 500 remains below 1100 for now. If this continues, traders may start to develop further negative sentiments. The situation now is rather mixed with talks of the U.A.E pledging the Dubai banks possibly keeping the boat afloat.

Find how why i use equities as a clue to currency movements here. Monitor the developments closely and be ready to trade the chart.

Oil remains ranging at around $77. This suggests that the real economy is not improving as fast as what the financial markets suggests as demands for oil remain depressed.

Gold in the meanwhile has fallen to the $1170s after failing to reach $1200.


Humans and koalas, this week is packed with important releases, including MAMBO JUMBO MARGIN CALL nfp ! Non Farm Payroll is due this Friday!

Pending home sales for US is on Tuesday, US ADP Non-Farm Employment change on Wednesday, EURO minimum bid rate on Thursday etc etc etc.

Any unexpected release for these reports or developments from the Dubai Crisis may trigger spikes in both directions.

I am widening the range up to the recent previous high of 1.5140+/- for bullish assaults and 1.4910+/- for bearish attacks. ( In short, the current situation in my opinion is rather tensed and more monitoring must be done )


Good and bad news.

Good : My cough is finally recovering !

Bad : I am due for more crazy life draining long work days. O M G I knew “the others” will not make it so easy for me before i go on a break till 2010.

I watched New Moon ! ( Yes Yes laugh at me.. hey i am a romantic koala and i am proud of it ) To think of it, i think Jacob Black seems to love Bella very much and he got a nice bod too! ( i want to pack those abs Arrgghh) Come on Bella you are one lucky girl !!!!

Trade Safe :) don’t let the kangaroos knock you down!

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